Hat size?

I am knitting a fitted hat for a co-worker’s one-year-old son. I think I have the hat circumference about right, but does anyone know about how deep the hat should be? I found some sites on the internet that have hat circumference sizes for different ages, but I haven’t found any that address the height.

You could do a search for patterns for 12mo/toddler and see what they say. I think for this size, maybe 5" and decrease. An adult or older child’s is 7-8".

Here’s a guide I’ve used.

Thanks so much! That’s exactly what I was looking for. I think I got the size about right.

If you want a hat that turns up, remember to add one or two inches for a cuff. A stretchy hat knit in all rib will hug the head better and allow for size variations.

Thanks to all who volunteered such great help! :thumbsup: