Hat size wrong

Hi! I knit a hat for my 21 inch head son. There were 4 stitches for each inch. I cast off 90 stitches. I know I was 6 stitches off but the hat was more like 20 stitches off. When he puts it on, it falls over his face down to his shoulders. Not big deal, I have the hat to his older cousin. Now I am confused on how many stitches to cast off with. 90 was written in the directions, which was why I started with that. With the 90 stitch hat, i fold it 20 stitches and it will fit on his head. What am I missing here with my castoff calculation? Thank you for your help

What is the name of your pattern?
Are you using the same weight yarn as recommended?

it was a pattern i found online. http://fivespeckledeggs.blogspot.com/ same weight, but when it was done, i measured an inch and how many stitches were in the inch and it was four so even with 21 X 4 would be 84 stitches but it was just way off

Measure the stitch gauge over 4 inches and calculate how many sts per ince. Use that to determine how many sts to cast on to get 18-19 inches. The hat should be a bit smaller than the head measurement.
(18" x Xsts/inch = sts to cast on)

I didn’t see the yarn weight specified in the pattern.

It was the brand. She posted in the comments it was red heart yarn so I went by that. There must be different weights. Now that I am writing it of course there are different weights. Thank you for the advice though. You and everyone here have been so helpful. Thank you

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I recommended these 2 links to another member they might be useful for your project. I made Santa Hats a few years back and had to do quite a bit of adjusting to get the fit right but the final result was worth it and I made lots of notes so I have been able to remake them in many sizes and colors.
How to Knit a Hat by Megan Goodacre save it to your Ravelry Library https://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/how-to-knit-a-hat-2
the pattern link is archived in the wayback machine http://idiotsguides.com/static/quickguides/hobbiescrafts/how-to-knit-a-hat.html
The Other One I use is not as customizable but still useful Super Simple Circular Hat Calculator http://www.earthguild.com/products/knitcroc/marypat/hatcalc.htm

This is great thank you for all the resources. I appreciate it

Were you to use that pattern again, start from the top and stop when it’s the right size around. Or just a tiny bit larger.

Bind off l o o s e l y

Oh my I never thought of that. Thank you! Still a Beginner

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