Hat Scarf Combo

I am sure that my mother is not the only person in the world who has thought of this…

Does anyone know of a hat/scarf Combo pattern???

There is one in the Fall issue of Interweave knits. It is called the nomad hat and it knits up very fast!!!

a few here

Could they have used a worse picture? She’s making it look like that hood is way to heavy. :roll:

I looked, but couldn’t find any, but I guess I was using the wrong search terms. Those are great links, Jints!

I have a store bought hooded scarf that was given to me several years ago that I like a lot. It’s just a knitted scarf about 12" wide and whatever length. But it is folded in half from end to end, not side to side, and then sewn from the fold down about 10 or so inches to fit and make a hood. It would be really easy to make one like it.

This is the one that is made using the same technique/style as mine, but mine is grey and doesn’t have a tassel. :frowning: