Hat, Scarf and Fingerless Gloves

Hi! I just finished a hat, scarf and fingerless glove set that I made as a gift for a friend of ours. I have to admit that I am not 100% happy with it. :doh: Well, that isn’t 100% true - I like them and I am proud of the work I did, but I feel like they are boring and plain and I don’t know what to do to fix it. I used black Lion Brand Wool Ease Thick and Quick. I did it in black because I wanted it to go with anything and my DH said her favorite colors are yellow and black (for the GA Yellowjackets or something)

I think the hat looks like something a bank robber would wear! I just did my own thing with the scarf and I adapted a different pattern for the fingerless gloves and I am really proud of how both of those look. I just don’t LOVE them. Does that make sense at all or am I just being over critical of myself?? The gloves have a cable going up the front and the scarf has 6 repeats of cable on either end and then just stockinette in the middle. It seemed too bulky to do the cable the whole length.


The look very nice and your little model is adorable!

aww how cute!! You did a great job :yay:

Very nice work! :yay:

Good job! Boy you are really whipping the out there aren’t you?

They look great! You did a great job, don’t be too picky or you’ll drive yourself nuts (I have a tendancy to do that myself)

I think they all look wonderful! If she loves black, I’m sure she’ll love and appreciate the set.

WOW! Adorable:cheering: