Hat question

Hi all, I am knitting a hat, and the pattern says that it has to be knit in the round, and I can do that easily, but have decided to knit it flat, due to the fact that I dont have the right sized circular needles, so decided to do it flat…
The question I have is this
On the pattern it says to work 2inches in garter stitch (obviously for the in the round directions) starting with a purl row, because I am doing it flat will I have to purl every row then to achieve the garter stitch formation?

I hope that makes sense :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance for any replies

It’s easiest to knit every row to get garter stitch when knitting flat. That’s generally how people do garter stitch.

I wouldn’t worry about doing that purl row. They both look the same. If you really want to then yes you’d have purl all the rows.

When knitting in the round you have to alternate knit and purl rounds to get garter, but knitting flat you’d just knit them. You can go ahead and just knit the first row, but when you turn to knit the 2nd row, mark that as the RS. When I do garter in the round I like to purl the first round and that’s probably what this pattern writer likes to do to.

Fyi, garter stitch can be done either knitting all rows or purling all rows while knitting flat with two needles. I know one knitter who does garter with all purls. Garter stitch in the round is knitting one row, purling one row, and alternating the two.

Thank you all very much for your replies, I have decided to go ahead and purl all the rows for this hat, gives me a chance to brush up on my speed with purling as I am faster at kintting:wink:

Thank you all again:thumbsup:

I don’t see anyone else mentioning it, so I thought I would. You can convert any knitting in the round pattern to straight knitting. However, you should add one stitch on each end of the work (2 stitches total) on your cast on to allow for seaming.