Hat question

I’ve gotten to the point in making a hat that I need to switch to dpns. Is there anyother way to do it without making the switch… it scares me to death to try it. I also don’t have any right now. :zombie:

You could try magic looping it. I think Amy has a video on the magic loop technique. Don’t be afraid of dpn’s. They aren’t that scary, really! Trust me. You just knit on them as you go around and you are only knitting with two needles at a time, just like regular knitting. The other needles just hold the stitches for you.

Um, ok another question: I just got back with my dpn’s, how many should I use… 3 or 4? :??

You will have 3 in your hat, and then use the fourth as your working needle.

The easiest way is to just take one needle, and knit until you have 1/3 the stitches on that one, take your next needle, and knit the next 1/3 and then knit the last 1/3 with your 3rd needle. With the 4th needle, you will now knit with that. :slight_smile:

clear as mud??