Hat problems

[FONT=“Georgia”][COLOR=“DarkSlateBlue”]Ok, so apart from being new to all this … I may have jumped in at the deep end. I’ve kind of taught myself to knit by watching videos on here and trying to remember what my aunty did when I was little.

I’ve actually managed to follow a simple pattern (looking up things I didn’t know as I went along) to make a very cute hat (which may very well be too small for me but that’s ok as I can pretend it was always going to be for my goddaughter) and was all proud of myself until earlier today. I have to close the daft thing now and I haven’t a clue what I’m doing. I know there are videos showing me but my problem is this … that hat is done on straight needles so only one side is on a needle … how do I get the other side onto a needle so that I can join them? I’m not even sure that my question makes sense!!!

It’s late so I’m giving up for the night as I have work tomorrow. I was trying to find a thread with a similar problem but I decided to post this, go to bed and hope that some kind soul takes pity on me and answers me over the weekend … pleeeeeeeeeeease!!! I’ve put a photo of the hat up just in case that helps as my explanation is terrible.

Have a nice weekend … night night, sweet dreams [/COLOR][/FONT]:sleepy:

It looks to me like you are going to just need to seam the pieces together. A lot of hats are made in the round on circular needles or double pointed needles, but it looks like you did a different type of one. Can you give us a link to the pattern?

In the mean time, here is an article on seaming that may help.


You’re self-taught and you’re doing a great job, so don’t be so hard on yourself. It will get easier, I promise! :thumbsup:


Thanks for replying so quickly. I wasn’t sure I’d be able to find the link as I downloaded the pattern but I’ve finally found it and have a horrible feeling that I didn’t do the right type of cast on … this version seems to have more details than the one I was working from.

Oh well, here’s the link:


Thanks for the article link, I’ll take a look now :o)

Hmmmm…I’m having a hard time telling from your photo how you cast on. The type of cast on this pattern calls for is one where you do a crochet chain and then cast on into them. Then when the pattern tells you, you pull the chain out, which leaves live stitches, which then go back on your needle to be worked with. It’s called a provisional cast on. (There are other types of provisional cast ons besides this, but the ultimate goal is to have live stitches to work on.)

Is that what you did?

Oh dear, no I didn’t do that. In my copy it doesn’t say provisional cast on so I looked up a video on how to cast on and did a normal one :oS I think I may have to start again :o(

Oh dear, I just checked and it did say provisonal cast on but I didn’t see it :o( Oh well, if at first you don’t succeed, try, try, try again …

Just bind off and seam the edges together.

Thanks. I think it’s going to be a bit small anyway so I can make sure I do it properly next time. Not too bad for my very first hat (in fact first ever knitting project … only ever made scarves before and that was crochet).

Have a nice Sunday :o)