Hat patterns?

I have never knit a hat and I would like to. I am going to knit it out of this yarn:

This is a hand painted - hand dyed 65% Wool-35%Silk Yarn. We have combined the colors of Forest Green, Maroon & Purple. It is a Bulky weight, needle size 10-15, gauge 2-4 stitches per inch over a 4" square - each are appx. 140 yards - 1/4lb. in weight.

I have 2 skeins of it on the way to my house as I type. Does anyone have any ideas? I want something fairly simple, but that will show off the colors in the yarn.

You can check here for any you might like


You could try this , it is a pattern for hats with instructions on every wieght .

Coats and Clarks

[size=2]Mod Squad was here - link shortened[/size]


You can also check on the KH website under free patterns or Knittipatterncentral.com
That yarn is YUMMY!!~~~ :heart:

BTWQ Letah,
I like your tatt

Thanks!! It’s my favorite. I actually have 5 tats, but that one is my favorite!! I’ve wanted it for years, and I finally had the time and money.