Hat pattern

The finishing instructions on this hat pattern are kind of confusing…

Break yarn, leaving a long tail. Thread yarn through remaining sts and tighten up. Fasten securely. Sew back seam reversing 3.5" from bottom for turn back.

I’m kind of confused about the bold area…what does that mean??

Here’s the whole pattern, altho I believe you need to register (free) to view Patons free patterns.


Perhaps it means to sew the seam until you are 3.5" from the top, then flip the hat inside-out and then finish seaming??? :??

Hm :thinking:

PS: Where’s the link to the pattern?

Yep, I made a hat with similar instructions. Because you’re going to have a turned up edge on the bottom of the hat, you want the seaming to be on the inside of the part that’s turned up. So you sew your seam from the top down on the inside of the hat until you get to the bottom 3.5", then you switch your seaming to the outside of the hat - technically not the outside because it gets folded up when done.

Hope that helps.

Oooooooooohhh. Too late. I was itching to finish it, so I just seamed it like I would anything else. It looks pretty good for a hat. I’ll post a pic when I can…

Thanks for the help! Here’s the pattern for REAL this time. http://www.patonsyarns.com/data/pattern/pdf/instruction_1015.pdf

Knitqueen, that’s a very handy thing to know! Yup, the kind of thing you discover when you do it wrong… oh if only I had…
(as you know now foldedbird)

I’ll keep that in mind for future hats. Thanks!

Too bad they don’t have a picture on that pattern.

There is a pattern, go back to pattern pages and start under adult. IT’s the patons cha cha yarn. Since it’s so furry like, you can’t see the seam. You can’t even tell that it’s been knitted. I wonder now at the wisdom of even knitting it…I could have sewn two peices of fur together. :roflhard:


oh well. what’s done is done!

enjoy it anyhow