Hat pattern

[full pattern available here ]

Purl one row (this will be the point where you fold the hat to make the hem.
Work 5 more rows in STst
[size=6]DO NOT BIND OFF.[/size] Folding hat along purl row, whip stitch or kitchner stitch the final row of stitches to the inside of the hat to form a hem.
With tapestry needle, sew up back seam from bottom to top. Run thread through the CO stitches and close up the small hole at the top.
Weave in any ends.

I just have a question … It tells me not to bind off but how do I get the hat offthe needles because I whip stitch to make the hem
Somebody please help

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This is not as hard as it seems. She wants you to fold the hat along that purl row. It forms a natural crease.

Now, you need to join those raw stitches on your needles to the stitches already knit. You’re going to be picking up a stitch from the body of the hat and knit it together with one from your needle.

This is very similar to what’s called a three needle bind off. It’s a great technique to learn, because it minimizes bulky seams and provides a sturdy join.

Along the row on your hat where you want the hem to be, you’ll pick up the same number of stitches as you have on your needles now. Hold these two needles parallel to each other in your left hand to act as the left-hand needle. Using a third needle as the right-hand needle, insert this right-hand needle through the first stitch on the front needle and the first stitch on the back needle in your left hand. Knit the two stitches together as one and slide them both off their respective needles. Repeat, creating a second stitch on the right-hand needle. Then perform the first bind-off by slipping the first stitch worked over the second stitch worked and off the needle. Repeat the process until all stitches are bound off. Cut the yarn, leaving a 6"-10" (15-25 cm) tall and draw the tail through the final remaining loop. Weave in the end.

It sounds confusing, but once you get into it, it flows along naturally. You’ll be pleased with the results!

Wow, this is really fascinating. Thanks Mrs. Bear for that detailed information. I really want to try this sometime, it sounds quite different. I have to go back and reread all that to see if I can get it, maybe I’ll print it out. Very interestingggggg.

P.S. If either of you ever make Halley’s Comet hat by Marnie, please let me know. I could not figure out the beginning of the pattern, or her instructions for Row 6 that don’t match with the pattern chart.

I emailed her but she never gave me the answer.

Maybe I’ll do this hat instead, the pattern is written out so I get it!

Hi Victoise,
I do try to answer every single email I get, so if I somehow missed yours, my apologies.
Could you reiterate your question and I’ll answer it for you here?

Sorry Marnie, I should have said you answered me but I didn’t get your instructions when you did. Didn’t want to bother you further coz maybe I’m just too much of a beginner to read the pattern wo explicit instructions.

Um, what I don’t get on that beautiful Comet hat is after you cast on 8, you just knit them for 2 rows, (right?) then do the first increase in 3rd row, the yos in 5th row… ?? yes (got that I think)

but then you say “One note about row 6, you should work the
K, P, K into the double YO.”

And looking at the pattern in the 6th row there is just a symbol for a purl. Nothing I see referring to a K, P, K. Am I being obtuse?


I love that hat. Would like to make it but… I need to learn how to read charts. okey doke,

Well, let’s look at the pattern
you have two yarn overs and two knit stitches on row 5
Then the next row it’s knit, purl, knit, knit, knit.
The clarification is that the first three stitches, the knit purl knit combo must all be worked into the double yarn over from the previous row.
Does that make sense?

Thanks Marnie. I think I’ve got it now, but I’ll bet I just need to start doing it and then see it as I go. I really appreciate your help. !

oh to be an ace knitter!     :XX:

Feel free to let me know if you have any other questions.