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Hi everyone. I purchased an hat pattern on Etsy. It says size 8 needles. Would that be a 8 us or 8mm? I asked the seller this question and she won’t get back to me. It’s a swirl hat and this is what it looks like. Thanks in advance :blush:

If it was 8mm, that would be equivalent to a US11. What yarn does the pattern call for? And what size needles does the yarn label recommend? Unless it’s a really bulky yarn, she must mean US8. You can also see if you can find the pattern on Ravelry. It might say on there.

Yep, US8…

All it says is bulky yarn. A size 8 needles. Doesn’t say what type of bulky yarn or nothing. Pretty bad when you pay for a pattern and doesn’t have the correct details Poor pattern.

It doesn’t say type of yarn. Just says bulky. Thanks

I also checked on Raverly. Just says the same thing as what I told you. 8 needles for magic loop. And bulky yarn. No other details thanks

I just checked the pattern again to see what type of yarn. And it does say 1 skein of kona superwash bulky. What would be equivalent to that? Have any idea? It doesn’t say anything different about the needles though Just an 8. Doesn’t say 8us or 8mm. Thanks
for any help :two_hearts:

Was the pattern link I provided the same hat? Because on Ravelry, it says 8 - 5mm for needle size:

The Ravelry page also gives you information under Projects on the righthand side. Other knitters sometimes fill in the needle size they used which is of course dependent on how tightly or loosely they knit.
There are also yarn ideas on a tab at the top of main pattern page. They tend more to bulky or chunky yarn on about an 11 needle.
Ultimately, you’re going to have to try a swatch with your yarn to determine the needle size that gives you the knit fabric that you prefer.

Yes I did go on Pinterest and it only says size 8 doesn’t say if it’s in mm. But I do see what you sent me. It’s weird why I can’t see the mm there. I appreciate your help so very much. And what you sent me it says bulky 7 yarn. You think lion brand T&Q will
be ok?

This is what I’m seeing and when I click on it, it only says the same thing

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Thanks for that info. I didn’t know that. Well appreciated :green_heart:

@Lydia31Lucy, it appears to me that you are only reading the email notices of replies to your posts. You must be missing the links and images threat are posted here

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Thank you kindly. I’m not really familiar with everything on this site yet. I haven’t gotten a lot of things figured out on how it all works. Thanks for the input :blush: