Hat pattern

I’m looking for a pattern for a hat with some specific details.
No pompous or pointy tops
Preferable a flattish top
One that fits a pointy head but won’t fall down to the glasses after wearing for a bit…
Any suggestions?

There are all sorts of patterns on Ravelry.

Even some that are very flat across the top.


Maybe the sundae beanie by stitchesbyselma on Etsy

I don’t know any patterns and haven’t made a hat but I recently discovered there are different types of cast on and bind off. Maybe consider changing the type of cast on or bind off to make the band stretcher? I’ve also used a provisional cast on so that I can go back and use the bind off I want as the cast on edge.
I haven’t used many different yarns but even so I think the yarn choice might be important for a stretchy fit that won’t fall down too.