Hat pattern with

side seams? I want an easy pattern for beginners so they don’t have to knit in the round for thier first project. What’s a simple cast x amount of stitches, decrease x number of stitches x amount of times till you only have x stitches left and sew up a seam on the side kind of pattern? Knittingpattern central has all knit itr patterns.

Or if anyone has a good set of calculations for doing a side seam hat too that would be great. I’m not so good with that kind of thing.:rollseyes:

the first hat I did was the VW hat, without the VW part. it is knit flat, with one seam. it was EASY!


Oh yeah I forgot about this hat. Thanks!

another easy option
or this list has some others that may work.

Here is one called One Flat Hat.

Here’s another one Ellen’s Knit Hat SHIPS Project.

Here’s a Two-Needle Baby Hat.

Look at the “Sobbing” thread - there are a lot of ideas there.