Hat Pattern Wanted

I know I could just look through the endless lists of patterns, but I was wondering if any of you know of any good hat patterns for bulky yarn? I am using the yarn below, the recommended needle size is #9 and I have approx. 150 yrds. I want to take advantage of every yard!

HI… will this show properly?


This is make from 14ply with size 7 needles and being all garter stitch it is very easy. You could adapt simply by checking the gauge and experimenting a little. From the image I’m pretty sure your hat would felt by the way so if you find what you make is too big, don’t despair, just check out the felting section of this site…and…talking about this site…how about one of these patterns and one is for size 9 needles! However I’ve used similar yarn to the ones you have shown and that wrap around ‘cord’ tends to ensure thicker and thinner sections so just consider the pattern against that. I’m not sure how well a pattern that had ‘rolls’ etc would fare with that sort of yarn so I’d tend to opt for a simpler pattern.


How about at this site, there’s a chunky cabled beanie:


It might be good to swatch in case you need to adjust a little for guage.

There’s also a Chunky Knit Beret pdf by Rowan floating out there, sorry no link, but google it and see what you get.

Hope that helps!