Hat pattern- Second Part (Please check replies)

I wanted to make this hat, however I want to make it with smaller needles (4mm) because I want to use yarn that is really lightweight- like 2. In order to make this work, would it be appropriate to just to double or triple the amount of stitches?

Hi there!

It’s a lovely heartfelt design. I think you would need to recalculate (using cross multiplication) the number of stitches based on gauge: yours with smaller needles/lighter yarn vs the gauge given in the pattern for a 10 cm or 4 inch swatch. Then, if the pattern includes increases or decreases, you would need to adjust these too, and possibly other instructions as well. You could have a look at the projects listed and/or the comments posted to see if someone made it with lighter yarn and provided their notes?


Thanks for the advice. It turns out that the needle size I wanted to use was correct- I got mixed up with the US size and the mm sizes. Unfortunately, I had already knit to the needle change when I realized my error, and the hat was too big! Size 6 is 4 mm and size 7 is 4.5. I had knitted on 6 mm instead of 4!

Oh no! Hope you didn’t spend too much time on your first attempt.

The pattern begins with 88 stitches, but how many stitches should I have after my increases? Here is an excerpt from the pattern:

K4, [skp, 2yo, k2tog, k5, skp, 2yo, k2tog, k9]. Repeat instruction between the brackets
[ ] until 5 sts remain, then k5.
K4, [k1, knit the 1st yo, purl the 2nd yo, k7, knit 1st yo, purl 2nd yo, k10]. Repeat the
instruction between the brackets [ ] until 5 sts remain, then k5.

I have 96, and I just want to make sure my stitch count is correct before I start decreasing for the next part. Thanks :slight_smile:

The repeat takes 22sts for the first 3 full repeats and it should leave you with 22sts. There are 4 decreases (the two skp and two k2tog) and 4 increases (two double yarn overs). So the row begins with 88sts and ends with 88.


Thank you, I don’t know how I ended up with more, but I will decrease a few until I have 88 again!