Hat Pattern on size 3 circs

I’m looking for a pattern on size 3 circular needles. It’s going to be with a regular worsted weight yarn. I’m using size 3’s because that’s what type of needles i have left…lol. I’ve cast on with all my other needlesa and have projects on them all. I’m fairly new so I need something prety easy. Thanks


This site has a formula for basic hats with whatever gauge you get with your needles and yarn.

Ya know… if there’s a project you’re not doing too much with, you could transer the stitches from those needles to the size 3s, use them as stitch holders. A hat doesn’t take very long to make…

I made the “adults only devils hat” and a “pumpkin hat” on size three circs. The devils hat is a hit with everyone and i used worsted weight as well. Googe it and it will come up. The pic online doesn’t do it justice.