Hat pattern needed! :)

Hey everyone! :mrgreen:

I’ve been trying to look for a pattern for a hat similar to the one worn by Missy Higgins in her “Where I Stood” video. From what I see, it looks like a rasta-type hat with seed(?) stitch and columns of… well, I don’t really know (haha). Heres the link… the hat makes its grand appearance toward the middle/end of the vid.

I’d LOVE to make a hat like that, and it looks like it’d be relatively easy to make, but I don’t really know how to include the brim into the pattern. Would any of you knitting geniuses be so kind as to give me some tips for making my own pattern for a hat like that, or direct me to a similar pattern? Any help would be really appreciated :slight_smile:

Thanks a bunch,

I don’t see an exact pattern, but these are pretty much the shape. The stitch almost looks like garter between ‘ribs’ of purl stitch, or maybe the purl is in between and the rib parts are knit stitches, but I’m not sure.

This one actually looks pretty similar, but the picture on the pattern is awful. I found a better one.

Pattern here -

Here’s another that is plainer, but you could add the knit ribs.

You might want to try this websight.