Hat pattern needed

Hey guys…my fil has asked for a kitted hat…one of those with the long cords hanging down on each side (sometimes w/a pompom at each end). I don’t know if they have a name…does anyone have a pattern like this they could suggest?..it’s sort of like an old motorcycle helmut look w/ cords or something…

Does anyone even know what I’m talking about?!?!?! What an awful description I just gave!! :roflhard:

I found this one. You could just leave the pom pom on the top off. :thumbsup:

thanks! that’s cute!

I think they’re called Chullo hats.

Thanks AidanM–that’ll help me search for patterns.

Knitty has a nice one here - you’d need to add the long cords on the ear flaps. I would assume that the fairisle pattern could be easily ignored if it’s not to your taste :smiley: . And Aidan’s right - they are called chullos.

I hope you can find what you want!

I’m not sure if this is exactly what you’re looking for, but I posted an earflap hat pattern on my blog last week: earflap hat There are vague instructions in the comments about adjusting the pattern for a man. :smiley:

Julie–I love your pattern but I think he wants something that comes to more of a point–of at least dh thinks that’s what he wants–I may use your pattern and make him more than one, time permitting.

I like the pattern on knitty but hate icords–and while it looks really good on the hat–I shudder at the thought. I don’t like the fair isle pattern but I could easily substitute something else like fish (he loves to fish and does so all winter!).

Thanks for the suggestions guys!