Hat pattern is flat, want to make it in the round

How can I do this. It says to make it flat and then sew it up the back, but I’d much rather do it in the round…any advice?


Is it a complicated pattern, or some ribbing and stockinette stitch. If it’s simple I don’t see why you couldn’t just join and work in the round. Of course, the decreasing on the top might have to be different.


Its just ribbing and stockinette. There’s a little bit of fair isle, which I prefer to do in the round anyway. Two whole rows of a contrast color and hten the individual knit stitches in stockinette.

I’ve made hats in the round before. I just didn’t know if I needed to add any stitches at the “join” to replace the sewing or…

Usually you subtract sts to replace the seam. For a hat that would be 2 sts, but see if that works out okay with the stitch pattern. You might not need to change the sts at all; depending on the gauge, leaving those 2 sts wouldn’t add more than about half an inch to the size.

Thank you!!