Hat Pattern Help Needed

I am trying to make this pattern. Help… First of all I have gauge and I started the 24" size (that is the measurement of my head ( I know it seems big, but that is what it measures around ear area)). So, I stopped and tried it on, I have about 5 inches knit on it. Well, it is too big, I can fold over about 4 inches in the circumference.
So, do I knit the size 20"?
And I am noticing my edge is curling, what can I do to prevent that, could I add another row of purl, like say row three?

Thanks for any guidance.

You want to make a hat a couple inches smaller than your head measures, they stretch, (the hat, not the head), so you could go with the 20 or 22" size.

Stockinette curls, but it looks like there’s some purl rows on the RS, so that should help. By the time you get it put together with the ear flaps, they should help hold down the edge, and you can block it a little too.

Sue, thanks so much. I am going to go with the 20".
I will let you know how it goes.

The rolled brim is actually a very common way to make hats. I just made a baby one.