Hat pattern help needed


My grandma is confused with the beginning . Any help is appreciated.

The hat is knit from the top down starting with 4sts. The kfb is knit front and back which increases the stitches.

It may be easier to increase by kfb in each stitch (8sts) before joining in the round. There a bit more stability in the needles that way.
I’m not sure if that’s the confusion but if not, just post again. It’s kind of you to help and be the middleman.

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Thanks , Gran tried it i think but feels uncertain. She asks if you could draw a picture.
Thanks for your patience.

Hi Selmaf, The forum is down but maybe this will work. Your gran can put the 4 sts on dpns, one on each needle, but it’s a little fiddley. The needles seem to flop everywhere. That’s one diagram. The second option is to cast on 4sts, make the kfb in each to give you 8sts and then put the sts onto the dpns, 2sts on each needle. That stabilizes the needles and makes them easier to work with.

If the next direction is to increase again, she could even work that direction on the single needle before placing sts on dpns and proceeding.

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Awesome thank you very much for drawing it. She gets it now.

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