Hat Pattern Help - Lion Brand "I Felt Like It" hat

Hi there,

Just wondering if I could get some help on this seemingly easy pattern.

Here is the hat:

To start it says to cast on 106 stitches. Decrease round by working continuously [knite 29, knit 2 together] 18 times - 88 stitches total

Crown is reverse stockinette for 6 rounds and then stockinette for 15 rounds.

All’s well and good, until I find a pattern correction that the cast on should be 160 stitches. So I restarted. :frowning:

It’s now looking like there isn’t enough of the brim portion when you do the decrease 18 times.

Does this make any sense? I guess I’m wondering if I should have done more of the decrease rounds before moving onto the 6 rounds of RS.

Thanks for any help!

If the only mistake was the 160 vs. 106, then you probably should decrease until you get to 88 stitches.

the problem is that it isn’t going to decrease evenly at that rate…well wait…if it really was just a typo then the 20 stitch decrease pattern (18 + k2tog) should still work out.

i think…i can’t do that kind of math in my head, i actually have to go through and count out the stitches on my needle to make it work for me but yeah i THINK you should still be okay because i don’t think that BOTH numbers are typos…just the 106/160.


I guess it does make sense, sort of.

For each round I’m decreasing by about 5 stitches, more or less. 5 x 18 = 90. If I started out with 160 - 90, that leaves me with 70. So I’m thinking that the additional 18 to get to 88 are part of that more or less part :thinking:

If that’s even how you figure that out.

I think I just messed up again though. I just started a few more rows today and now all of my knits are looking like purls. :??

You’re probably knitting it on the inside of your circs so that the knit stitches are on the inside and the purls are on the outside. The points of the needles you’re knitting with should be closest to you and the cord, or the other needles if you’re using dpns, should be away from you.

Also, with the decreases, there will come a point, when you won’t be decreasing 5 every row because there won’t be enough stitches to do so.

Thanks everyone!

I’m on my way to finishing this one up! :smiley: