Hat pattern for toddler

I’m looking for hat patterns for my little toddler. Most of the pattern I found were for baby or for adults. How do I change the measurement? Oh, any suggestion for hats for ear flaps would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you

This one is sized for babies and toddlers:


I have this site bookmarked for reference. How old is your toddler? I made the kittyville hat for my 3 year old on size 9 needles (Laines Du Nord Korall) starting with 70 stitches. It is a little bit big on her, but I like to sew in a band of fleece for extra warmth and softness.


Here is the link to the Kittyville patterns (also in Stitch N Bitch). You could leave off the devil horns and just do the earflaps.


Also the Lion website has some hats for kids with animal themes.


What a great calculator! My 15 m.o. DGD is very tall, and most of the hats at the stores don’t fit her well.

Here’s a few cute ones I have bookmarked.

My little guy is 20 months. His head measure right about 19in. He has a rather big head.