Hat pattern fix

I’m knitting this hat.

In the instructions it says to knit in pattern until 8 inches or 20 cm and then begin doing the decreases specified (4 decreases per round, until 12 stitches are left [I begin with 140]).

This means that the hat’s brim must be folded up to be worn (as shown in the picture).

How many inches/cm must I reduce so there won’t be any need for any folding? Thanks in aadvaancee.

I’m not sure how many inches it would need to be. You might want to just try it on the intended recipient, or measure the length of their head from the top to the spot where they want the cap to end. At least you will know how many TOTAL inches it should be.

You might be able to contact the pattern designer directly on their website, to get some advice. Good luck! :thumbsup:

Usually the brim turns up about 2 inches. I generally knit hats till they are about 6.5 - 7 inches for one that doesn’t have a brim so maybe 6 - 6.5 inches for your hat. It also depends a little on what fit you like.