Hat Pattern DIrections

Hello Everyone Here is my new question for the day.

I have this hat that I love that is some kind of machine knit. It is double layered and if I flip it around it looks like an old fashion hand muffler with the center stitched together. This stitched to gether area is were the top of the hat end ups being. There is soem stripping around the area that would be the brim, but when it was made it looks like that part is knitted in the center of the pattern

I am assuming this is a tube… can be done on circles… but how is it double layered…and can that be achieved without having to make 2.
Then how would it pull together from end to end in the center to make the crown to close.

Hope this all makes sense if not I can send pics later

thanks ahead

I have to say I didn’t get much out of your description, :slight_smile: but have you considered the double knitting technique? That makes two layers at the same time. :shrug:

yes I am so sorry for the bad description for this thread I was on the way out… kids talking and phone going and thought about it on the way out.

This hat looks like it is a 2 layer of knitting… in reality it is one long tube, could be copied on to circulars… seems the circle is then folded in 1/4 at each end to meet at the middle then stitched some how to connect the 2 ends…

Now I can seen ending the one end I am knitting with pulling through the yarn on the needle on but not sure how to make the decreases or pulling it together for the opposite end.


You can knit a hat within a hat. Either by double knitting (which could be difficult) or knit the outside one top down and instead of binding off, add a thinner yarn and duplicate it going bottom to top.

Could you post a picture of the hat you’d like to replicate? Several views that tell the whole story would be good. :slight_smile:

Soon as I can find my cord I will upload a pic… I think I have it figured out… now to figure out how many stitches… and when to decrease…to be continued


something like this?