Hat One and Hat Two

I am making sweaters and hats for my grandsons for Christmas. The hats are done, my older grandson’s sweater is done except for one sleeve and the neckline and I am waiting to do the baby’s until I go on vacation so I have something to take with me. The sweaters are blue and white striped for the older and the tri colored for the baby.

The blue and white is for a size 8 year old and the green, rust and honey is for a 24 month old.

[B][COLOR=red]Oh and Thank you to Mimi for the suggestions she gave me for the hat topper[/COLOR][/B]

Wow, I love both of those! I especially like the detail at the top of the first one!! Great job :thumbsup:

Those look fabulous!

Really nice work! Hats are so fun. I particularly like the colors on the baby’s hat, the i-cords are cute too.

I love those! They look really great. :cheering:

The hats are so cute! Can’t wait to see the sweaters.

So cute! Those boys will love wearing them.

I loved both of them! And the colorway for the smaller one is lovely :cheering:

Faye, both the hats look so… cute. :heart:
The honey rust and green one has a nice color and great design. The blue and white striped one looks so cool and vibrant. :cheering:
Your grandkids are lucky!

Nope, I feel like I am the lucky one to have them both. I love to make stuff for them. There will come a time when it will be “Nonny, please, no more knit stuff!” For now, I can get a way with it! lol