Hat obsession

It started when I made some simple roll top chemo hats for a friend…
the round and round stockinette put me in a meditative state…I am hooked…I have been experimenting with different patterns… ribbed pattern on brim…cable… beanie…the problem is… I look terrible in hats…so I made 3 calometry (1 WW and 1 chunky)… they are more flattering… but I thought I would ask the experts what hat they like to WEAR best… also, what gauge and yarn weight is best? I have read that tighter gauge (smaller needles) and chunky weight yarn is the best… but recently just read a pattern that said a looser gauge gave a hat a “more fashionable” look…I am going on a ski vacation and will actually use my creations!! thanks for any advice on how to cure my obsession for the perfect hat…

I meant “roll brim” not roll top , you know stockinette all the way

I am by no means an expert, but have you tried a beret? I have two that my mother made me and they are cute and you can fiddle with them to get different looks. Be careful though-the first time she made one for me it was as big as a pizza pan :rofl: She’s so sweet she frogged it and now its perfect :teehee:

I want to add, I know how you feel about hats-I am the same way, although I haven’t made any in a while-they are extremely addicting!! Lots of fun, very relaxing, and FAST. What more could you want?!

Have fun on your skiing vacation!

OMG! I am so obsessed too!!! :roflhard:

I understand your obsession. I totally love making hats and socks. But I don’t wear the hats, they go to other people. Socks are mostly mine.:knitting:

I know what you mean - talk about instant gratification!

I like these felted hats: http://webhome.idirect.com/~quanah/patfelthat.html
I made this one, but I keep forgetting to actually felt it!

This year I made myself an earflap hat and my boss gave me a rather nice basic beanie-style hat (he bought) that I know is knit w/that recycled silk suri yarn. I’ve been wearing either of those 2 mostly this winter.