Hat Menagerie Batch I

Below is the first batch of hats that I’ve been working on this fall!

The first one is not too exciting–a ski mask for my husband who is outside a lot and hates cold weather. As usual, I modified a pattern–the helmet liner from Michael’s.

This next one is Ms. Fish (note her pink lipstick), the hat that started the animal hat craze for me. I modified the fish hat from knitty.com because some things on the original weren’t [I]quite[/I] true to life!

And finally, the infamous (or not?) lion-eating-your-head hat:

Still to come are the cat hat, the rabbit hat, and another ski mask for my nephew.

One thing’s certain: I’m learning a lot–color work, short row shaping, I-cord, stranded knitting, etc. etc.

Thanks for looking!

The hats are fabulous and very funny (except for the ski mask for your husband- that’s seriously good-looking)! I’m happy to see the the detail on the fish is biolgically correct down to the preferred shade of lipstick. Excellant work and lots of fun. Thanks so much for posting.

Aww those are cute! Well, except for the ski mask, but it looks nice and warm!

Marvelous hats - I was wondering about your lion eating the head hat… priceless! :yay:

I think your husband should open his mind to the fish hat! :roflhard: :roflhard: Seriously, they are terrific hats and the lion hat is spectacular, great job on them all.:muah:

Thanks for your kind comment.

Yeah, I’ve been wondering about that hat, too–like wondering how in the world I was going to do it!!! I had to rip it out once because my idea didn’t work. Finally I decided to just simplify and add the details to make it look liony.

I’m so thankful I’m able to crochet–for the sake of the ears and the eyes. If I’d had to knit these, I may have had to wave the white flag. With crochet, though, I was able to do these easily and even make several different versions to choose from.

Yeah, my husband–great fisherman that he is–was not so . . . ummm . . . open-minded about wearing the fish hat himself. However, there for a while, every time I put it on, he cracked up laughing. I took that as a compliment.

Thanks for your kind words!

Creative genius at play. :woohoo: You are definitely inspired and inspiring. Those are great hats, I particularly like that lion. I hope to see more.

Great collection! Wow! So diverse! :happydance:

Wow, look at that! The lion is super cute and the fish is hilarious. Seriously cool hats!

Adorable! Love them!