Hat knitting instructions - confusing


I am an out of practice knitter.

I am knitting a little hat and don’t understand one part of one line of instructions.

K= knit
M = Make

[COLOR=“Red”]Row 1 - K1, *M1, K 11, rep from * to last st, K1[/COLOR]

Row 2 Purl

Row 3 K1, *M1, K 12, rep from * to last st, K1

Row 4 Purl

and so forth.

I am reading the knit row (1) as:
Knit 1
Make 1
Knit 11,

Knit 1,
Make 1
Knit 11

etc, until I get to the end of the row. The end of the row always ends with a knit stitch, so I don’t understand what that final K1 means. Do I add (cast on) a knit stitch after I’ve knitted to the end of the row?

Not quite. See where the asterisk is?
Instead of K1, M1, K11, K1, M1, K11…etc., you knit the first stitch, make one, knit 11, then repeat only the M1, K11. There should be one stitch left after you finish all of the repeats, and you knit that one. You don’t need to cast on anything.

Thanks for your reply!

I tried just knitting that final k1, but this is what happened:

One side of the knitted piece got larger step by step but the other side did not.

It ended up looking like this ----------------------------------------------------------->
[RIGHT] oooooooooooooo

Since the final step of the hat is to sew the two side together, doesn’t it make sense that the right side would get bigger in the same stepped fashion as the left?

Can you give us a link to your pattern?

The pattern is copyrighted, so I hesitate to post too much of the pattern.

Here is a link to a photo of the hat:

Here is the part of the instructions I am having trouble with:

Is your stitch count correct?
If you posted too much of the pattern one of the mods will very nicely let you know.

Welcome to KnittingHelp!
If you’re following the pattern as Becky suggested above, you should have 9 increases distributed across row 1. It looks like a M1 increase unless the pattern defines it differently.

That should give you a row that is fanning out evenly and the subsequent rows will continue that shape. All I can think is that it may [I]look[/I] like the increases are all to one side but distributed increases will give you the balanced shape that you expect.

I am sure my row count was correct when I started.

I’m going to give it another try. Will let you all know how it works out.

Placing markers for each repeat should help make sure you get all the increases in the right places.

I just bought more markers. :slight_smile:

Thanks, much.