Hat Knitters - HELP PLEASE

[SIZE=“4”]I’m knitting a hat and am about to begin the decrease when I notice that I started the project with 74 stitches, instead of the stated 72!!! YIKES…

What would you experienced hat knitters recommend I do with the extra two stitches? Because now my decrease rows will always be off by two, should I knit three together??

I will be grateful for any and all ideas!!![/SIZE]

Thanks so much!!!:muah:

Just knit two together at two evenly spaced places on the hat. Then you’ll be down to the correct number of stitches.

Yup, I’d say it’s just THAT simple!

Be sure to share a picture with us when you’re finished!


That’s what I would do.

Me too! No one will ever know :slight_smile:

Same here - knit 2 together evenly spaced.

(I actually did the exact same thing the other day)

I just did this too, and it worked! My boss was charmed by the little hat I made for the baby he’s making. (I’ll post a photo at some point.)

Remember, it’s only yarn! Have fun! :happydance: