Hat issues

I’m currently working on a few different knitting things, baby stuff for my nearly 4 month old son, a hat for me and a scarf as its very cold this time of year. The hat I’ve been working on I started last year, I’ve gotten it most of the way done and no idea what part of it means included is the link and I’ll begin a line where I’m stuck thank you.


“Join back seam from top of crown to markers at beginning of decreases.
Change to 5mm DPN’s by knitting across 48sts on first DPN, and the next 48sts with second, pick up and knit 20sts down open back seam of hat, then 20 up other side of open back seam with third DPN. (136sts).”

I have no idea how to do that any help will be greatly apperacated.

Let me know if I’m making bad assumptions here, or if this doesn’t make sense…

At this point you’ve been knitting the hat flat, right? So right now you’re going to join it into a hat shape by sewing a seam from the top of the head (crown) down to nearly the point you’re at right now- but not quite. Then you’re going to switch from regular straight needles to double-pointed needles and knit the rest of the hat in the round. Knit across the first 48 stitches with the 1st dpn (starting where you would start if you were still knitting flat), then pick up another dpn and knit the next 48 onto that needle, then grab a 3rd dpn and pick up and knit 20 stitches along the part from the bottom of the hat to where you stopped the seam (going up the hat), then another 20 going back down the other side of the open seam, getting you back down to where you started with the 1st dpn. Now you’re going to knit around in a circle.

Make sense?

You make tons of sense but I have no idea how to knit in the round or how to join it from the crown. lol

If you wanted to, you could work the brim flat, too, and then seam all the way.

what an AWESOME idea, think I’ll try that as I’ve been working on this hat a year and would like to wear it this winter.

You could also check out the video section of this website here for video demos of knitting in the round. Check out the ‘small diameter knitting’ section for a demo of knitting in the round on double pointed needles.

I’m having a hard time getting the corner piece started any suggestions?