Hat issues

I made this hat for a friends newborn (minus the design) with 60 stitches instead of 90. Well at the end of the pattern when you start decreasing it tells you to k2tog #k, k2tog … to end.
Well I can do a k2tog on the begining of each row but following the pattern I end on a #k and don’t have room to do another k2tog so one of the edges I have to sow together is straight and one is a decreased slant edge.

I thought maybe this was a problem because I had cast on a smaller number, so I did 70 nd stil have the problem. I worked it out on paper with 90 lines and crossed out 2 lines each time a k2tog was there and turned the others into a k and I still ended each k line without being able to do another k2tog. This happened for each decrease line, not just couple.

So I’m very confused and I can’t figure out how to match up the stitches to sow this hat together and… help? Obviously it wors because alot have made this hat.

I can put up pics if wanted/needed

If on your first decrease row you can knit 8 k2tog, and you should end with a k2tog when using 60 stitches. This will reduce your number to 54. On the next row, k7, k2tog. That will get you 48. Then do k6, k2 tog; k5, k2 tog; etc, until you run out of stitches.

I think that the way the directions are written is a bit confusing. It has a K2tog and then *k8, K2tog; repeat from * Mathematically, that just doesn’t work. To me, the way it is written is for a multiple of 10+2. I agree with Ingrid: K2tog, K8 (or K8, K2tog, it doesn’t matter) around, then K2tog, K7, etc.

And regarding one edge having a K2tog and one edge having a K8 (one slanted decrease edge and one straight edge), that’s how it should be because then the decreases are evenly spaced around - otherwise you’d have 2 decreases side by side, which isn’t the case over the rest of the hat.

Ok, well then how do I stitch together two sides like that? I’m having a terible time trying to match up the stitches as I can’t sow up anything properly yet anyway.

Check out This page … about halfway down are amy’s videos for Finishing.

You will want to do mattress stitch for your finishing. Have you started the decreases yet? If not (and I’m sorry, I should have thought of this earlier) you would maybe be best to do your decreases as follows: start with a K1, then do your K2tog, K8 and continue on to the end of your row. This way, you will end up with a K7 at the end rather than a K8. The reason this works well is that it is easier for seaming if you don’t have a decrease immediately on the edge of your work. Hope this helps.