Hat in Bernat Junior Jacquard

I am so pleased with the way this knitting up. Just wanted to share.

:inlove: very pretty!!

that’s looking so cute. looks like you are almost done.

And so you should ! It looks great Sue . It is really nice that the yarn is doing it’s own thing :slight_smile:
DGD will love it !

:inlove: Oh, that’s so pretty! I love your color choices.

That’s very pretty Sue, I wish I had the courage to try to make it.

Wow, very impressive! Looks great :thumbsup:

Pretty :inlove:

I love it, too! You mean the yarn does that all by itself??? Amazing what they can do…looks like you’ve been doing intarsia!

[B]Mary[/B]: Yes the yarn makes the pattern, so easy

[B]Debkcs[/B]: It is just plain knitting in the round. The yarn makes the pattern for you just like a lot of the sock yarns. Try it.

Fantastic looking hat Sue. I’m sure someone will absolutely love it, I’m betting it’s a granddaughter!!!

That is so cool, I love how the yarn is working up! :slight_smile:

That is beautiful! I was only able to find the baby jacquard and made a hat. It’s cute, but nearly as neat as yours!

Jan, I had bought the baby one at Michaels and the other day found this one in Zellers (Canadian store with some kind of link now with Target). They didn’t have all the colours though.

That is too cute!

It looks so good! This yarn is fantastic!


Looks lovely! :inlove:


Very nice yarn. Your hat is turning out cool.

Ohhhhh yessss! It is certainly knitting up nicely!!!