Hat Help

I am knitting a hat and I’m having a bit of trouble with the patter (and I’m not sure why).

Here is the pattern:

Hat: Worked in the round in stockinette st. Cast on 15 sts on double pointed needles size 4 mm [US 6] with 2 threads Alpaca. K 1 round. On next round work 2 sts in each st = 30 sts. Insert 3 Marking Threads (MT) in piece with 10 sts between each and now inc 1 st on each side of all MT on every other round a total of 10-11-12 times = 90-96-102 sts. Remember the knitting gauge! Continue in stockinette st until piece measures approx 30-32-34 cm [11¾”-12½”-13 3/8”] and bind off loosely. Sew a thread up and down in cast on row and tighten it to form the top of hat.

For the “work 2 sts in each st” I did a knit one front and back. I was doing make ones for the increase 1 stitch but it isn’t looking so great since I have to knit it on DPNs (blegh). Also since I have to make one before and after each stitch marker does this mean that there is supposed to be more than 10 stitches between each of them?

I have no idea why this pattern is giving me so much trouble, it seemed so simple. lol

Thanks for the help in advance.

Yep, ‘work 2 sts in each st’ is kfb, so now you have 30 sts. Then inc/m1 on each side of the marker. Every time you inc there’s more than 10 sts between markers - 12, 14, 16, etc.