Hat help

I’m looking for a non tobogon type winter hat, I’ve been on Ravelry and haven’t found anything free that looks workable for me. I’'ve never used Double Pointed Needles, I have knitted in the round once so a simple quick hat would be perfect. I"ve googled and come up with nothing. I’ve never knitted a hat. Futhermore, the only hats I’ve seen that I like are the flower pot hats no clue if those will work for Ontario’s winters, which I can only find of course as a crochet pattern which I’ve never even tryed to do. So something quick and easy perferablely on two needles or on plain circluar. I’ve never joined stitches together either, so I’m sure that will be my next question lol. Thanks

You’ll have to be more specific than “non toboggan” type hat. I thought a toboggan hat was just a basic hat. :?? Do you want a hat that fits or something like a beret? Ribbed or rolled edge? Etc.

If you’ve knit in the round you’ve joined stitches.

The only thing in the round I knitted was a bath poof which I just sewed up both sides. So I have no clue how to join stitches. In my searches tonight I did come up with two different patterns that I like the look of. I’m just not sure which would be faster and easyer for someone who has very little knitting in the round experiance.
So heres are the links in no particular order.



So any help as to which would be warmer or nicer for a longer usage through out the year or any suggests to which would be easiest and quickest to make would be super.

Okay, well that means you haven’t knit in the round. Knitting in the round means no seaming. If you seamed up the sides then you knit flat. :wink:

The first one is probably easier because the second is made with fuzzy yarn and it’s hard to see your stitches. You need a 16 inch circular needle and double pointed needles of the same size for the top. You could use magic loop or two circular needles, but that may confuse the issue since you want very easy.

Perfect the first one it is. Magic loop whats that and can it be found at a micheals?

If by “I’ve never joined stitches together” you mean that you have never joined the first round in knitting in the round, there two basic methods I use.

  1. Just knit. Cast on the proper number of stitches. Knit the first stitch from the other needle. See video in Free Video tab above.
  2. Cast on one more stitch than needed, slip last stitch cast on to other needle. Knit the last and first stitch together.

Magic loop is a method of using a long circular needle to knit small round items.

See Advanced techniques - Small Diameter Circular Knitting under free videos, about half way down the page.

Nevermind I found the video :aww: lol. I think tomorrow I’ll try and talk my significant other into a trip to micheals for some bamboo yarn and set of big circlular needles. Bamboo should be warm in the winter and cool for spring and summer right? Or is there any other suggestions for yarn my first thought was cotton and use all the same color for added ease. But now I’m thinking bamboo.

Bamboo is good for warm weather, so I don’t think it would be all that warm. However, you might find a bamboo/wool blend that would work.

OK found the video on magic loop that looks do able just need to figure out how to join the sitiches and get the stuff which I"ll do tomorrow. Then try and knit this hat lol. I guess if I’m doing magic loop the longer the cord between the needles the better right?

Well, unless the cord is too long… For a hat, no more than 40", or you can use a 24-32" one with a single loop version of ML.

Cotton isn’t warm nor is it easy to knit with. I’d suggest using wool or a wool blend for warmth. If you want a cooler hat for warmer seasons make two! :thumbsup:

A cotton acrylic blend might be fine, something like cottonease.

I have some worsted cotton thats really easy to knit with so I’m going to use that. But can Magic Loop be done on a 16inch circular needles?

Did some messureing today, and digging through my knitting box. The pattern says it makes a 23 inch hat, my head is 24 inches (lots of hair probably lol) but the circular needles I have are a size 10 us or 6mm that should work to make it an inch bigger right?

I think you will be fine with the recommended size. You want some stretch in the hat or it will fall down around your ears.

Have fun with it. I think you will find circular knitting easier than it first looks.

I hope knitting in the round is easy lol I’m pretty eagar to start the hat, but I want to use what I have needle and yarn wise. Thats why I want to use the us 10s because I already have them and saves me a trip to micheals. Magic loop will be ok on 16inch circulars right?

Here is a wonderful cap knit flat. I have one more pattern that is knit flat, but is also a toboggan type cap.

If you don’t like DPNs or they intimidate you (been there and hidden under the covers at the thought) you might try getting 16" circs and trying to knit caps on those. I’m a recent convert to knitting in the round on circs and it makes like so much easier as well as not having to constantly be shitting needles, stitches, etc. I’m making simple caps now for my kids with their names or some symbol on them. I plan on trying a cap with flaps next. They love them and get a kick out of something made exclusively for them.

I’m beyond intimidated by dp needles, I have a set somewhere kicking around. I’ve never used them, got to confused and scraped a hat I was working on. lol used the yarn to make fingerless gloves for my husband lol.

So heres the big question without buying new needles which is a better idea for this hat http://alison.knitsmiths.us/pattern_beginners_hat.html
I have a 16inch us 10/6mm or 24inch us6/ 4.25mm set of circlular needles
I’m using some sort of yarn that I had tucked away I’ve knitted a set of baby booties for my son (2 needle pattern knits up fairly quickly) but either way it will be blue or another shade of blue lol.

You can use worsted or heavier with the 10/6mm, and it should come out alright.