Hat help

Hi everyone. My name is Becca and I am new to knittinghelp.com

I am knitting an earflap hat from the book [U]Knitting a Dozen Beanies[/U] It is byEdie Eckman. This is my first hat and it says it is easy. I have the earflaps done and have cast on the sticthes in between the two and now it says knit across the 14 earflap stitches that are on the stitch holder. I am a little confused by what they mean. Do I knit right off of the stitch holder or do i put them on a needle. I just dont know what they mean.

Any help would be appreciated.
Thank you.

I think you knit off the stitch holder onto a needle so you will have the stitches from an earflap, then the stitches for between the ear flaps, and then the stitches from the other ear flap on a needle and will be able to continue with the hat with all the stitches in order on a needle.

Thank you for the help. I am going to go try it now.

you can slide the stitches onto a needle and knit off that or you can knit straight from the stitch holder, which ever works best for you. Just treat them like normal sticthes.