Hat help!

Ok, I’m making my first hat, in the round. I’m to the point where the decreasing is getting too small to stay on the circulars. The pattern calls for 3 dpns, however, I own none. I could make some out of the interchangeables, 2-10 1/2 and 1-10. But, I’ve never done double point before. Or, someone in my knitting group tonight said that there was a way to not used dpns and use a really long circular instead by twisting it around somehow. Are there instructions for that anywhere???

try here… http://www.knittinghelp.com/knitting/advanced_techniques/

either the magic loop or two circ method should work for you!

Are there pictured instructions for these technics? My connection will take hours to download the videos.

nope sorry but you might want to try googling magic loop or knitting with two circs to see if another site has pics

OMG, I did it!

I don’t care that I’m going to be dead tired at work, stayed up and finsihed my first hat ever!!! :XX:

YAY!!! :cheering:

For the record, I NEVER use dpns. Can’t stand them. I LOVE magic loop knitting and tolerate knitting with 2 circs. Anything to avoid those dpns!! :wink:

lol Jessica I am the same way when i get to the point that the hat is to the DPN stage…i can NOT wait until the next day to finish it even though nothing will be different the next day that would keep me from finishing it then! of course because i have finished it that means i have to also cast on my next project, whatever that is, before i can go to bed so i have something else to throw in my bag to take to work too.

I’m working on fingerless gloves all on DPNs… LOL here is a link to magic loop http://www.az.com/~andrade/knit/mloop.html I was trying to figure it out but just went back to DPNs :lol: