Hat help

After finishing several potholders for practice (and since I just got my interchangeable needle set) I decided to try my first circular project and make a seaman’s cap for my son. I am about six rows into the ribbed brim part. It looks kind of small. :?? I know that the ribbed part will stretch, but my CO row doesn’t have much give. I’m using size 6 needles but CO with 11 (because my CO is pretty tight). My question is: After I’m done with the hat, is there a way to take out the CO edge if it doesn’t stretch enough? If not, how should I fix the tightness problem on my next attempt? :shrug: Thanks in advance!

Ribbing can be very deceiving. If you casted on with a size 11 and are knitting with a size 6, I can pretty much guarantee that it will be stretchy enough. Give it some time.

Thanks, knitqueen! I was worried that I’d have a too small hat after lots of work. After your reply I’m encouraged enough to keep going. I’m sure I can find a kid with a smaller head to give the hat to if it’s too tight, anyway. I’m off to knit now!

Just wanted to let you know I’m well on my way with the hat now. It definitely looked more stretchy as I went along. This morning I was able to put it on my son for the first time and it fit just fine. So thanks again!