Hat help

I started making a hat the other night; stupidly i thought I could just do it without a pattern.

It’s just a basic rib; made with super bulky yarn; using 6mm needles. I cast on… I can’t remember how many stitched; Ill count them later.

Anyway; it is too big so I’m carrying on and making a cowel instead. But I would like to make a matching hat… could anyone recommend how many stitches I should cast on?

It depends on your gauge (stitches per inch). You could also use the cowl that you’ve knit so far to get an idea of the number of sts for a hat. Put the cowl on your head and pinch it so that it fits as a hat and mark where you pinched. Then count the sts between the marks.
I often do this to check the cast on for sleeves using the ribbing from the sweater back.

Ahh thankyou; yes I will do that :slight_smile:

Here’s a basic hat calculator. You just need to know stitches per inch and how big you need to make it.

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I like the hat calculator but it doesn’t go down in stitches for me I knit a lot of baby hats.

I’m not sure what you mean. The hat calculator goes down to a 14" hat. Adults are usually about 20-22" so for a newborn 14" might work fine. Babies do have large heads for the size of their body, too. What size do you want to make?