Hat Heel Socks

So anyone give these a try?


They are an interesting concept. Not sure if I should give it a go. I still am trying to wrap my head around the toe up technique seeing I feel so comfortable with the leg-down, 4 dpn old fashioned way of knitting a sock.

But I recent got some new sock yarn and thought maybe I could give these hat heel socks a try.

What an interesting concept! I’ve never seen them before.

I [U]so[/U] want to make these, I just found this last night while web surfing! But, basically, I am a crocheter way back. I learned to knit a little as a girl, but now I want to pick it up again.

What are the chances I could do these socks as a beginning project? Too ambitious? I would probably need a mentor!

I think you should probably practice knitting first to make sure your tension is good and that you are comfortable with knitting again. Then by all means go for it. :thumbsup:

I just saw these last night and they are going to be my next project.I just love how they look. Now the only problem is figuring out which of my stash to dig into. I would love to hear from others who have made/are making these too.

Countrymom – If I were returning to knitting, or just learning, these would not be a good choice for a first project–IMHO.

These looks pretty cool!! Lots of people have tried them on Ravelry too. Thanks for the link! I hadn’t seen these before.

There is something about these socks…I just don’t like the look of…maybe it is the bullzeye on the bottom of the heel…either way…not for me!

I’m not sure I’d like so many picked up stitches on the bottom of the foot. Interesting sock pattern concept, but I’ll pass on these.

I think the heel itself looks really cool, but I don’t like the way the foot is a completely different entity from the leg with that “ear flap” hook-up thing. They would be neat to try though.

I saw these socks awhile back. They sure are different aren’t they.
The part I don’t like is the gusset it seems to go around the ankle. So not for me anyways, but I agree a different concept of making socks.

looks like the two at once toe up sock pattern from Knitpicks but without the flaps for the gusset