Hat gauge problem

Hi all,
I have another problem to be solved with my brother’s hat.

I got about an inch into it, and realized that I had twisted it. Sigh. :wall: Soo, I pulled it all off the needles, but before ripping it out, I set it on his head to see if it was the right size. It seemed… pretty big. I know it’s just the rim, and once I knit up the rest it’ll at least stay on his head… but I’m afraid it might just be too big?

I cast on 88 sts, but now I’ve measured his head. It’s checks in at exactly 23 in, which, multiplied by my gauge is 92. Now, if 88 seemed too big, 92 certainly wont fit! Should I go with the gauge size, or 88 sts, or make it smaller? A tremendous thanks to all who answer! I need it finished by Christmas morning… and that isn’t much time at all! :shock:

Are you ribbing the edge? A couple inches of ribbing on the edge really pulls it in so it fits nicely. An inch isn’t really enough to tell either.

It’s going to seem larger with only an inch on the needles, but if 88 sts is his head measurement, then you need less. Hats should be about 2" smaller than the headsize. So you may need fewer sts, maybe about 80-84.

Well, the pattern didn’t call for ribbing or garter for the band, but after I started knitting I wished that I had done a rib. I’m knitting it on circ needles so I’m just knitting around and around, but I guess for a rib you still just add some purl in there?

And his head measurement is actaully 92 sts. The 88 sts is just what the basic hat pattern called for. The site I got the gauge measurement that I used is here - http://www.mahalo.com/how-to-knit-a-hat

It didn’t say anything about the two inches smaller than head thing, but maybe that’s already included in their gauge measurement thing.

Yeah, they should have said - head measurement less an inch or two. Now if you do ribbing for a couple inches, 88 sts would be okay, that works for k2 p2 ribbing which is stretchier, and it will snug it up to his head so it won’t fall off every time he moves.

Ahhh so you were doing a rolled brim. Those are cute, but less huggy to the head unless you use a smaller needle for that part. Nothing like ribbing though to really get a good fit. :thumbsup: