Hat from Sock Yarn?

This is driving me crazy. I swear I saw somewhere a pattern for a hat using KnitPicks’ Simple Stripes. Was I dreaming, or am I just thinking of KK’s baby hat? I need one for a 10yo-sized child.


I think the pattern KK used for her hat and booties ensemble (in the blue self-striping KP sock yarn) has sizing in it for older children and adults too.

I seem to remember printing out that pattern to use for my 18 year old (and 6’2" tall) DS since it had so many sizes.

If I’m mistaken, then I’m having a :doh: :?? moment.

Hope you find it. :thumbsup:

Happy Knitting :XX: :XX:


Thanks, Mary … I’ll go back and check her thread. I think I’ve been looking at so many things lately, they’re just getting all mixed up!!


:notworthy: Thank you, Julie! I was just getting back on here to look for it!!

And, of course, the pattern that I use for all hats bc it’s customizable :wink:

Yeah…that’s the one. And, it has directions for ALL sizes. Not just young’uns!

Cool! Thanks Rebecca & Kelly.

I just stopped @ H.L. & picked up a couple of skeins of Magic Stripes …couldn’t wait for mail order. :oops: