Hat for one of my daughters

I got this hat to my daughter on Thanksgiving Day. I made it to go with a sweater I made her a while back of the same yarn (I had leftovers). She picked a Drops hat they called a beret. It only gave one picture and it looked pretty much like this does. But when I knit it according to directions it was all baggy in back (a beret I guess) and we didn’t like it. DD said she wanted it to look like it did in front “all the way around” :lol: So I took it all out and devised this hat. DD is modeling it for me.

You did a great job modifying the pattern! It looks perfect!

It looks great!

Beautiful job on the hat. Also on the daughter. :thumbsup:

Oooooooo very very nice, Judy! Great work! Beautiful DD!

Agreed! You did a marvelous job modifying it! I love the way it turned out!

Beautiful Hat!! But the scenery of the summit is just beyond words!! Absolutely awe inspiring!