Hat for Class

I am working on a hat for a class I’m taking ( knitting in the round). I am just learning to knit but I have it down now. The hat is just taking so long to make. I’ve been working on it a few hours per day ( about 7 hrs since Tuesday) and this is all I have. I have 3 days to get it to the decrease crown part. Any thoughts? ( I’m using sz 8 circulars and worsted weight yarn)

I think it looks lovely! :thumbsup: Stockinette should go relatively quickly for you as it’s all knits in the round. Are you asking about how to knit faster? I don’t think any of us can give you more time.

Thanks. Yeah stockinette is faster but it seems the knit stitches are smaller (tighter) than when I was doing the rib stitches. I know there isn’t a secret to faster except practice and time. My son and wife just keep looking at me while I’m like :knitting: I didn’t think am hat would take this long that’s all. Thought I was doing it wrong. Thanks again :thumbsup:

Looks alright to me! Maybe the observers are hoping it’s for them?
If you’re knitting English style, holding the yarn in your right hand, how you hold it could affect how fast you knit. I can’t knit English so I’m no help there.

The hat looks fantastic! Don’t worry about speed. That’ll come with practice. Right now just be concerned about doing the sts correctly and not accidentally increasing or dropping sts.
For me, ribbing always takes more time. As far as the stockinette being a little tighter, that happens especially when the ribbing is k2p2. Some patterns compensate for this by putting in an increase row on the first row of stockinette.
Thanks for the photo and great work.

Thanks for the info. I will keep working and hopefully get to where I need to be by Tuesday.

Finally finished. I have to remember to pull tight when using magic loop. Thanks.:happydance:

Very nice. Well done! Congrats.

congrats and lookin’ good! :wink:

BEAUTIFUL finished project!!! I have yet to build up the nerve to knit a hat.