Hat-DPN question

I have finished the hat I started this morning with the exception of the last round…NOW, it’s time to begin using the DPN’s…I’ve never used DPN’s except for i-cord, so do I just start knitting and decreasing with one dpn or am I supposed to transfer all of the stitches left from the circs to the dpns to finish the top of the hat?


I knit the sts off of the circ with the dpns, dividing them evenly between three needles. Then you will use the 4th needle as your working needle to work the 1st DPN. As you finish what’s on each needle, you will have a new working needle.

:?? Does that make sense?

NO THIS DOES NOT MAKE SENSE :roflhard: Just kidding…it does to some degree, but here’s a photo of where I am on the circs…I’ll post a photo of the hat under the thread I started on the hat. Why can’t I just take one dpn and finish the last round?


You can’t just use one DPN because you need to keep them in the round.

If it’s easier for you, just slip them onto DPNs. Divide them evenly (or close to even) among 3 needles, then continue knitting. :slight_smile:

Actually, I think you CAN do that! I didnt realize how few sts you had left…

OK Silver and Kelly…come together now and tell me which one of you to listen to :rofling:

Can I chime in too? It might help to watch Amy’s dpn video if you’re unfamiliar with double pointed needles. If you’ve already mastered the circulars then you’re pretty much there! My preference would be to slip all stitches to 3 dpns and then continue.

And you probably want to transfer your stitches to dpns sooner next time–you don’t want to have to stretch the yarn to connect around the circs. :wink:

Ok…so it would be best to split the 16 stitches remaining to 3 dpn’s and since I knit continental…I just pretend I’m knitting on circs?

Well, that you would do anyway…

Put them on dpns–5, 5, and 6. Then take the fourth dpn and use it as your right hand needle. When you have done the 5 or 6 stitches off the left hand, that empty one becomes your right hand needle. So it’s a tiny bit different from doing a circular, but not much.

Ok ladies…I realized that I had made a mistake because when I came to the end, I was supposed to have 6 stitches left…only had 4, so I have frogged to the beginning of the beginning of my decreases…lots of fun…I have also realized that I detest dpn’s because I am :wall: determining which end to begin with, so tomorrow morning, I will start fresh with the beginning of the decreases…confused all of you yet? :roflhard:

Have a good evening and thanks for all of the help you ALL have offered to me tonight…and YES KELLY, they are like wrestling with an octopus…does it get better with experience!!!

It does get better with experience, but it hasnt gotten MUCH better for me yet…Im hoping that my eventual first pair of socks will “cure” me!

Believe it or not, I dreamt of this forum last night :roflhard: After sleeping 5 hours (the dpns were on my mind), I finished the hat…there’s no gaping hole in the top; however, the hat would have been much easier if I could have left a hole in the top :lol: TA…DA…It’s 6:30 a.m. on Sunday morning, so can’t show my face :rofling:

I still DO NOT CARE FOR dpn’s and Amy…your videos on dpn’s are great, but I’d love to see one on the actual closing of the top of a hat transferring from circs to dpn’s…the entire correct process because I’m almost positive that it was a stroke of luck that I closed the hole :shock:


Well, I, for one, am just amazed that you made the hat so quickly. I started my first hat a few days ago, and am just now getting ready to start my decreasing. I am not a quick wit…I mean knitter. :rollseyes:

The hat looks great, by the way! :thumbsup:

I think the yarn is the reason the hat knitted up so quickly because it’s a bulky yarn although I tend to be one of those people who just can’t wait to see something finished, so I :XX: :XX: :XX: until I finish…just don’t have time to do my nails :roflhard:

I’m planning to pick up another skein of the same yarn on Tuesday so I can do another one and practice those dpns a bit!

Thanks KK…this hat was much more simple than yours to which I :cheering: you :wink:


Beee-yooo-tiFUL!!! Congrats Joyce!! Nice job :thumbsup: