Hat decreases

Is there a formula for calculating the decrease pattern on a hat? I want to do the decreases that create the “swirl” pattern on the top of the hat.

I know how to do knit the decreases, but I don’t know how to calculate them. I have 160 stitches on my needles.


You can do it by decreasing 8, 10, 16 or 20 sts on your needles, depends how fast or slow you want to dec. For example, to dec 10 each round, k14, k2tog, all the way around.

Thanks Sue. I knew you would be here to help me out. Think I am going to try decreasing 16 each round.


To dec 16 each rnd, you’d k8, k2tog, repeat.

How did you know what multiples you could use?

What goes into 160? 16 and 10 are obvious, so are 8 and 20. 4 and 40 do too, and there’s probably a coupla others, but most hat patterns usually dec 8, 10 or 12 sts per dec rnd, sometimes 16. It just depends how many rnds you want to have and what shape for the top.

Yeah Yeah Yeah! My hat is done AND I like it! I didn’t like the shape I was getting with the 16 per round decrease, so I ripped back and did 10 per round.

Sue, this is the same hat with the linen stitch that I posted about last weekend. I used the 2-row repeat, still don’t know what the designer was doing with a 4-row repeat, but I am very pleased with my hat. Washing today and pics tomorrow.


Yay, you got it done! I think the 4 row pattern was an error; all the linen st patterns I’ve seen are done just on 2 rows.