Hat Decrease: Is it ok to switch from gradual to sharp while shaping crown?

So I decided to start a hat without a pattern…

Casted on 120 stitches, and after a few inches started the decrease like:

k2tog, k18
knit even
k2tog, k17
knit even
and so on…

However, I’m currently about 20 rows into the decrease, and it appears to fit my head just fine. Would it look OK if I started to skip the knit round in between decrease rounds until the end, or should I continue with the gradual decrease? Is there any worry that the gradual decrease would make the hat too large/create an awkward bump or sharp peak on the top? I’m attaching some images…don’t know whether or not they’ll help…



Yes, you can start decreasing every round if you want. I just did the same thing on a hat recently and it worked fine. You can start doing it and if you then think you need to go a little slower you can throw in an even row wherever you want. Anything goes. Play it by ear.

Most patterns usually change the dec rounds to every one after a while, so if this is the shaping you want, go ahead with it.