Hat Confusion

So I have knit one ear flap for a hat on dpn… It doesn’t say what to do with it…It just says to knit another on another dpn. Then the directions say to use circular needle, cast on 15 sts for back. From RS, K all stitches (20) from one dpn for earflap. Cast on 28 sts for front. From RS, K all stitches (20) from other dpn for other earflap. Total 83 stitches. So does this mean that I have 3 balls of yarn going ( one each for each earflap and one for the rest) or do I cut the yarn after making each earflap ( and if so, how do I keep it from unraveling?) or do I bind off each earflap and cut the yarn or is there some other choice I haven’t thought of? If I do cut the yarn of each earflap, I don’t get how it is incorporated into the rest of the hat, really. Basically, I am confused! Help!

If you have the earflap on a needle, you can cut the yarn and useit for the other earflap. Then cut the yarn, leaving the second earflap on a needle.

Use the same yarn to cast on 15 stitches, then knit the first earflap with the right side facing from the needle on which it’s held onto your circ. Then cast on 28 more stitches and knit on the second earflap. You’ll do this all with the yarn you started the cast on with. The other strings left hanging from the earflaps can be woven into the inside of the had later.

Ok. I am printing this out, Ingrid, and will plunge ahead! I have a feeling I will have more questions once I start the round needle business. Thanks for your patience! Sally

Once you see it coming together you’ll have an ‘AHA!’ moment, I’m sure.

Just make sure your circular needles aren’t too long. That’s the only thing that can really go wrong here.

Uh oh. I bought 29 inch needles and I’ll bet that is too long. Already have cast on the flaps and the stitches, but am going no further. What length ought I to use? They didn’t specify beyond size 10. Pattern is at http://members.aol.com/gifts95/ski.htm Sally

I’d say a 16 inch would work for a hat. I have a feeling they expected you to use the dpns if you didn’t have the right length circular.