Hat Comments Needed

I am thinking of knitting the hat linked here a few projects down the road, but I am looking for a few comments. What do you think of making this hat for a High School guy? Would it look too weird, or does it have kind of a nice look to it. It is different from the standard beanie approach, which is fun, but of no use if the wearer would never wear it. Thanks.

i LOVE the hat!!! I teach middle school, and I think some of the guys would think it was cool. I wear it anyway! Course, I guess you really have to know the person you’re going to be knitting for… there’s nothing like putting blood sweat and tears into a project that the receiver doesn’t wear or appreciate. :evil:

Like Hildegard_von_Knittin said, it all depends on the individual. My son is 15 and he would wear it but he is the kind of person who likes to wear what no one else is wearing, to him fashion is a statement, we won’t even go there lol.
If this is not your son then I would try and ask his mother what she thought and if it is your son then I would find a way of asking him like asking him if he thought so and so would wear it, something to that effect anyway.

Sounds good. The hat is actually for me, but I was curious for some other opinions about it before I made it. I think I’ll go for it. It’ll be fun. Now just to decide which colors of merino to buy for it… :smiley: