Hat Chart

Hello All hope I didnt send this more than once if so sorry. Jan had sent a hat chart which was awesome… but have one question from it. The hat measurement part. Do you measure the head and go with that measurement for the hat… or do you take a lower number.

I only have worsted weight yarn on 7-9 circles for the patterns. My sons head with hair is 23… I say hair because another person I measured was 23 without hair.

Also do the postings go to one place for moderators to read anything new, so when I post to something that may be a week old it goes to a moderator. I want to send the hat photos but have to order email for my phone after thanksgiving.

Last question for now… is there a chart like this for socks.
I got a book for socks with a 3 dpn and sock yarn and the dang pattern calls for sports weight. I am having to hard a time knitting with 2 strands and cant seem to find any patterns with a 3 dpn for the sock weight… that also doesnt have a rib to start. I seem to get bord fast on rib stitching…

Thanks for all your help as usual you all awesome

Is this the hat chart you’re referring to?

If so then you go with the chart as close as you can. In this case I’d probably choose the 22 inch because knitting usually stretches unless you’ve chosen a pattern that as firm edge.

No, we read the posts as they are posted just like you do. You don’t need email to post photos. Click the link in my signature to learn how to post them. (Make sure to resize them first.)

Most of us learn on socks from this pattern. She has great photos and it’s for various weights of socks.

Here’s a sock chart and a couple sock calculators, too.